It's official! Final season of House of Cards to focus on Robin Wright after Kevin Spacey's ouster

Netflix cancelled Kevin Spacey's role in House of Cards after a number of sexual harassment allegations were levelled against him

Frank Underwood’s stepping down as President on House of Cards will make way for Claire Underwood in the sixth and final season of the show. Netflix’s chief content officer, Ted Sarandos announced on Monday that the show will focus on Robin Wright’s character and 2000 people working for the drama series will get back at it soon.

The return of House of Cards for a new season prompted a reaction from Anthony Rapp, who was the first one to accuse Spacey of sexual misconduct. He tweeted:

However, actor John Fugelsang tweeted the American culture was intolerant towards harassment charges against fictional Presidents, taking a dig at the charges levied against Donald Trump.

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Featuring Spacey in the lead role, House of Cards was about Frank Underwood’s rise from a ruthless Southern politician to the President. At the end of the fifth season, Frank resigned in disgrace, making way for his wife Claire to become President.

After the sexual misconduct allegations against Spacey, many fans of House of Cards demanded Claire Underwood take over as lead and Frank’s character take a backseat.

Here’s what many of them had tweeted:

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Netflix cancelled Spacey’s role in the series after a number of sexual harassment allegations were levelled against him. The show earned earned him a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor. Likewise, the streaming giant also cancelled a film starring Spacey as Gore Vidal. After the reports of sexual misconduct surfaced, Spacey was replaced by Christopher Plummer Ridley Scott’s drama All the Money in the World. The shooting of the movie was complete and it was re-shot, just in time before the release on December 22.

Netflix fans seemed happy with the decision.

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