Kevin Spacey's conditional apology to Anthony Rapp over sexual assault allegation is making Twitter angry

Public speculation is over, Kevin Spacey is gay but why did he come out only in defence of a sexual harassment case?

Kevin Spacey who plays former POTUS Frank Underwood on Netflix’s popular show House of Cards he has come out as gay at a time when he was just expected to apologise. Star Trek star Anthony Rapp had earlier in the week alleged that Spacey had made sexual advances towards him when he was just 14 and Spacey was 26.

The Broadway star told Buzzfeed that Spacey had invited Rapp over to his apartment for a party:

… in 1986, Spacey befriended Rapp while they both performed on Broadway shows, invited Rapp over to his apartment for a party, and, at the end of the night, picked Rapp up, placed him on his bed, and climbed on top of him, making a sexual advance. According to public records, Spacey was 26. Rapp was 14.

Rapp describes the assault further in the interview:

“My memory was that I thought, Oh, everybody’s gone. Well, yeah, I should probably go home,” Rapp said. Spacey, he recalled, “sort of stood in the doorway, kind of swaying. My impression when he came in the room was that he was drunk.” Rapp doesn’t remember Spacey saying anything to him. Instead, Rapp said, “He picked me up like a groom picks up the bride over the threshold. But I don’t, like, squirm away initially, because I’m like, ‘What’s going on?’ And then he lays down on top of me.”

“He was trying to seduce me,” Rapp said. “I don’t know if I would have used that language. But I was aware that he was trying to get with me sexually.”

Kevin Spacey took to Twitter this morning to address the growing unrest among his fans:

His apology has instead caused the unrest to grow by leaps and bounds.

In this statement slash conditional apology, Spacey says he does not remember the incident which ‘happened nearly 30 years ago’ and ‘in case if such a thing has happened’, he owes an apology to Rapp. According to the Buzzfeed article, Rapp was only 14 at the time and Spacey was 26. They first became acquainted while Rapp was performing Precious Sons on Broadway in 1986 and Spacey was performing in a revival of Long Day’s Journey Into Night with Jack Lemmon.

And Twitter unabashedly tore down Spacey after his public statement:

And Twitter had some excellent advice on handling the sexual harassment case

To an honest Twitterati’s concern:

And others just plain mocked him and expressed their vehemence:

Down to people wanting to run a health check on Hollywood, instead of using the “It happens all the time” excuse

And this one tweet nails the whole damn argument:

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For Rapp, it was the tirade of accusations of sexual assault and harassment against Harvey Weinstein that prodded him to open up about the incident and name Spacey.

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