How a politician from Hyderabad is ensuring traffic policemen follow the rules

Amjed Ullah Khan has started a #Practicewhatyoupreach movement to ensure policemen follow the rules

Hyderabad-based politician Amjed Ullah Khan seems to be on a mission to ensure that traffic policemen also follow the rules for which they penalise the common man. Belonging to the Majlis Bachao Tehreek (MBT), Khan has started a #Practicewhatyoupreach movement to make policemen follow the rules.

Khan has been tweeting photos and videos of policemen who have not worn helmets, have been riding triples or speaking on a mobile phone while riding. He has been tagging Telangana DGP Anurag Sharma and the Telangana Municipal Administration and Urban Development Minister KT Rama Rao in these tweets over the last week to bring those people who have been violating traffic rules to their notice.

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Khan also alleged that the policemen have in fact been asked to issue at least 100 challans a day as a ‘target so that they can fill up the empty coffers of the Hyderabad police department.’ He claimed that the Hyderabad traffic police has been issuing several challans every day due to arbitrary reasons which are piling up problems for the commuters.

“The roads in the city are already terrible, and the Metro Rail work has made things harder. At such a time, instead of managing the traffic, policemen are busy issuing challans. College students say that there were situations where they were issued two challans in a single day,” he adds.

He also said that instead of issuing hefty challans like Rs 2,000 for not wearing helmets, the police should focus on awareness campaigns to promote road safety.

Others too have joined Khan in the campaign by sending photos and videos to him using the same hashtag. Overwhelmed by the response, Khan said that over 300 pictures have been posted in just a few days. “I can’t say that it’s my campaign anymore. So many people have joined in, and my WhatsApp chats are flooded. I have been sent more than 300 photos in the last few days alone,” he said.

By tagging KTR and the DGP directly, he has been able to create a bigger impact with the official social media handles of the police even replying to his tweets. “Just like the traffic police are worried about us, we are also worried about them. They should also be safe, and not die in accidents,” Khan said.

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However, he added that despite proof, traffic policemen are not being penalised for violating the rules. “A democracy is of the people, by the people and for the people, and police officers are not exempt from this. We have just started the campaign, but we are planning to do much more.” He has plans to make large banners with a collage of all the photographs he has taken and received across the city demanding action against these traffic violators.

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