Know why Assam's Mayong village is also nicknamed 'India’s Black Magic Capital'

On the bank of Brahmaputra lies a magical town full of voodoo, black magic and spells- Mayong! Read on to find more about this unique town!

Mayong or Mayang, a tiny village nestled in the heart of Assam, is a special place that attracts a lot of tourists every year. From a cultural point of view, it deserves all the attention it gets but there’s something else that makes this place special — Mayong is considered the cradle of black magic in India.

Even though black magic, voodoo, and witchcraft aren’t really prevalent in Indian society, they are celebrated in Mayong. Want to know more about the black magic capital of India? Read on.

Although no one really knows when and how black magic entered this village, there are many stories associated with Mayong. If you visit Mayong, you will witness some of the rarest black magic tricks being practiced here like a prediction of future through broken pieces of glass, palmistry, fortune-telling through sea shells/tea glasses and voodoo. The village also celebrates a festival called the Mayong-Pobitora — the fusion of magic and wildlife, both of which are found in abundance in Mayong.

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Intriguing? To say the least! Mayong is where the magic happens- literally! Check out these amazing videos:

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Mayong doesn’t have doctors, it has Ojaas (or tantrics) that treat [people using age-old skills and magic!] Oh, and most Ojaas have assistants working for them too, guess who they are – GHOSTS. Creepy right? You have to see it to believe it. From fever to back pain, they can cure it all within minutes by just putting a copper plate on your back and chanting some mantras.

(Photo- Wikipedia)

Even with all the magic brewing in its heart, this town has not received the kind of attention and importance that it should have. How often do you find an entire town that is solely dedicated towards the fine art of black magic?! Here’s the worst part- due to lack of funds and opportunities the art of black magic is slowly losing its popularity and charm. We wouldn’t be surprised if this art fades away soon and out country loses out on fostering something so, so special.

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