How often do we really need to wash our hair? Find out here

It's all about permutation combination when it comes to washing your hair, but here we break down for you hair care routine to stop you from over-washing it

We like to think that no one knows our hair better than us. In fact, we not only know how unmanageable and frizzy it becomes on a rainy day, but also the do’s and dont’s to have a good hair day. Unfortunately, the old age question still remains- How often do we need to wash our hair? Of course, we need to wash our hair regularly, but what does regular mean here. Some people need to wash their hair every single day and others can make their blowouts last a whole week. But what is the real deal?

Turns out it all comes down to hairtype, lifestyle and personal care. It’s all about permutation combination and here we break down for you the hair care routine to stop you from over-washing it.

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Hair Type and Lifestyle Matters

There is no hard and fast rule that goes here. People who have thicker hair can go on without shampoo for a longer period of time than people with thin hair. It also depends on how fast oils in your scalp travel down to your tresses. For some people, like the ones with processed or curly hair, the oils don’t travel down to the ends as fast as it does for people with fine, virgin hair. Also, people who work out regularly may need to wash their hair more often than people who do not exercise.

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Too much of a good thing can be bad

Overwashing your hair i.e. washing it daily can strip off the natural oils leaving the hair dry, damaged and frizzy. It also means that you will end up using more heat on your hair. So how to stop this vicious cycle? Limiting the use of products on your hair and avoiding over styling, will require you to wash your hair less often. The more you wash it, the more you will need to wash it and vice versa.

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Find your cocktail

The trick is to find the perfect combination of shampoo, conditioner and serum that works for your hair such that you don’t need to wash it before 3-5 days. If your hair is on the finer side use a volumizing shampoo to prevent it from getting greasy too fast. On the other hand, people with dry and thick hair should go for products that would moisturize the hair and scalp.

Avoid Sulphates

Sulphates are added to most shampoos and conditioners to pull away dirt and grease leaving the scalp cleansed. However, it also pulls away from the scalp the essential oils that are required by the hair for growth and nourishment. It is especially harmful to colour treated hair. Try using sulphate free shampoos and conditioners or those with mild sulphates.

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So what’s the final verdict?

Double wash your hair every time you wash it. The first shampoo will remove build up, the second will treat the hair.  That being said oils are not really bad, invest in them too. Dry hair should be washed maximum two times a week and thin hair should be washed three times a week. And if you wash your hair every day (due to workout or too oily scalp) go for sulfate free shampoos or the ones with extra mild sulfates- they are less harsh on your hair.

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