Valentine's day 2017: What's the big deal about V-Day?

If you truly love someone, then you must tell them what you feel every chance you get!

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and the markets are bustling with young love. Roses, giant teddy bears, heart-shaped chocolates and greeting cards, the entire country is painted in the colour of love. While on one hand, couples are making elaborate gestures to propose to their loved ones, on the other hand, away from the prying eyes, secret lovers are confessing their likings for the very first time. It’s refreshing and almost sweet to watch this affectionate display of emotions at a time when people have become too guarded to let true emotions ever touch their hearts.

The entire world is painted in the colour of love, which makes me wonder where does the love go for the rest of the year?

Love is a beautiful feeling and it’s meant to be cherished every single moment. The people whom we care about need to be reminded how much they mean to us and how incomplete our lives would be without them every single moment and not just on a day in the year. Sweet confessions, compliments, smiles, random thank you notes and generous display of emotions time to time is all that’s needed to build a strong and a long lasting relationship not just with your partner but also with your friends and family members.

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Every relation is like a plant. You need to water it with your love and give it the light of your care and affection for it to bloom into a fully grown tree. And this needs to happen every day not just one day of a year. Imagine what would happen if you watered a plant only once in a year? It would die. Something similar would happen to your relationship as well.

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While I support relationships and I have great faith in the power of love, what I don’t understand is how can one day of affection make up of for an entire year of ignoring your partner? If you truly love someone, if you have a special person whom you care about a lot, whose thoughts bring a smile to your face and who just leave you mesmerised and awestruck, then you must tell them what you feel every chance you get. You don’t need elaborate gestures for that. A simple text message would do the trick.

Every day is the day love and every day should be celebrated. You don’t need a special day to make your special someone smile. All you need is you and your time!