Valentine's Day 2017: Youth up for two-timing while elders open up to live-ins

They say when the timing is right, you just know it. Apparently, our elders agree to this as they too decide to celebrate the festival of love

The most romantic day of the year– Valentine’s Day is here. The markets are all painted in the colour of love and the couples are all geared up to make this day extra-special for their ‘special someone’.

Markets of Delhi are a particularly an interesting place to bear witness to this magic, where you get to see everything from elaborate romantic proposals to shy conversations. As the young love is getting ready for its ‘phela-pehla-pyar‘ and elders for their ‘izhar-e-ishq‘, we decided to hit the streets of the national capital to find out what the youngsters and the elders thought about the love of the Internet era.

As we went around the city asking the youth and the senior citizens about concepts like one-night-stands, live-in relationships, double timing and same-sex couples, we noticed a shift in the perception of both– the youth and the elders. While one-night-stands and two-timing are still a no for the seniors, a surprising number of people expressed their openness and their support for the live-in relationships. A handful of people even expressed their acceptance of the same-sex couples in the society.

The youngsters, on the other hand, displayed an utterly liberal approach towards all of these. While loyalty was one word that echoed everywhere, some youngsters even admitted their willingness to go for a one-night-stand despite being in a stable relationship.

The elders displaying their total support for the young love is one theme that emerged loud and clear from our trip. The times are changing and so is our society. The fact that elders are opening up to the ideas of the love of the Internet era is what makes this Valentine’s Day a total hit!