Valentine's Day 2017: Why I fear falling in love

Love is a beautiful feeling and heartbreaks are inevitable but let's not forget that in the end, you are all you have!

In the Internet era where friendships are just a friend-request away and perfect matches are found on Tinder, love has become an archaic concept. Everyone is running towards an unknown destination and in this hustle-bustle of life, we have forgotten the value of good old-fashioned romance, the one that involves long walk in the parks and deep conversations over a cup of coffee. All people want these days, is a temporary set-up, which gives them both– a sense of belongingness and the freedom to do anything without a care in the world.

At a time when ‘no strings attached’ has become the way of life and people are so generously isolating themselves, fear has found a way deep into our hearts. Fear of committing to something long lasting, fear of not being able to live up to someone’s expectations, fear of getting disappointed, fear of falling in love, fear of getting our hearts broken and in some ways fear of living life too. Despite everything, there are people who try to find love in one-night-stands and then there are others who focus on their priorities, a list that may not necessarily include falling in love.

For those who remain dubious about venturing into the land of love, there are several things that you should take into account before falling head-over-heels for someone. To begin with, entering into a relationship means saying goodbye to your ‘me time’ and if you are the kind of person who needs time to get away from people and recharge yourself, relationships may not be best suited for you.

Another reason that might make you reconsider your plans is your aim in life. Entering into a relationship is not just an investment of emotions but also of time and energy. No relation, be it with your partner or with your friend, can foster on its own. It needs time, care and constant efforts. But if you have an aim in life, a destination where you wanna be, then entering into a relationship might prove to be a big distraction for you.

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The calculation is really simple. You can’t be married to your goal and to your love life at the same time. Although striking a balance is what life is all about, but in today’s time when the race never hits the pause button, you inevitably end up compromising on one or the other aspect of life. And unless you are ok with missing the top view, that exhilarating feeling of reaching where you’ve worked so hard to be, it’s always better to maintain a safe distance than end up messing up both the things.

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There is another that you should ponder on before you say yes to anyone– the reason why you want to enter into a relationship. Although the question seems puerile, it’s always good to have a clear idea why you’re getting into a relationship. Are you really serious about it or is just coz you’re in a circle of committed friends? Or is some sort of dependency factor?

Love is a beautiful feeling and heartbreaks can’t be avoided, but sometimes it’s better to stay away and enjoy life with yourself, coz in the end, you are all you have!