Liptease to Sexercise: 11 words millennials love that you've probably never heard of

Netflix and chill are passe. If you want info on the new lingo, here's a list of 11 words millennials use. Read on to find out

Do you often find yourself searching for the meanings of certain words when you use social media status updates? This is because us millennials are a pretty cool bunch and create new lingo almost monthly. We’ve got our own words for everything. We don’t need to use old words from the 90s. Urban dictionary over Wikipedia, any day. Not just regular words, we’ve got our own sexual lingo too (and no, we’re not talking about Netflix and chill. Grow up grandpa). It’s 2017 and if you’re not that up to date with the millennial lingo, fret not! We’re here to give you a little 101.

Here’s a list of 11 sexual words that you probably haven’t heard of. Check out the list and tell us what you think about them:

Ninja Sex

Having sex quietly so as to not wake up your roommate. Relate much?

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Applying lipstick suggestively to tease your partner. Put that Chanel to good use!


Having sex with someone who looks a lot like you but isn’t related. (Borderline incest)

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A souvenir picked up from f ur partner’s place after you hook up.


Running late because of a sexual encounter.


When you skip the gym and stay in bed having sex. Either way, you’re burning ’em calories!


To contemplate the use of a condom. (Here’s a suggestion: Use it)


The male equivalent of a MILF. (If you don’t know what MILF stands for God bless your pure, innocent heart)


Kinda like a bucket list, but this is a list of all the people you’d like to have sex with before you die.


When someone uses Snapchat ONLY for sexting.


To gyrate one’s testicles while copulating. That’s the only way we can say it without sounding vulgar. Kindly Google those words separately and connect the dots.


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