9 signs that prove he's totally into you but is afraid to say it

Guys can be pretty damn confusing, especially when they like you but are too afraid to admit it. But here's how you can tell your guy is into you!

They say that women are from Venus and men are from Mars — and while we can neither confirm or deny that, we’re pretty sure that the communication gap that pops up when he likes you (but doesn’t say it) is equivalent to the distance between Mars and Venus. Guys can be pretty damn confusing, especially when they like you but are too afraid to admit it. But hey, let’s not blame them completely! Women are pretty apprehensive when it comes to expressing feelings too. Right? In fact, we tend to overthink everything- What if he doesn’t like me? What if he’s not ready and runs away? What if he thinks I’m going too fast? And yada yada yada..

The thing with guys is when they start sharing personal things and emotional stories that make them more vulnerable and help them express their feelings, they expect you to handle those feelings with care! The point is, you might like him but you’re not sure if he reciprocates the same feelings or not.  Fret not, we’re here to help you!

Read our checklist and if you tick yes on most or all of them, you should know that your boy is head-over-heels into you:

Number 1: Physical signs

Dilated pupils, raised eyebrows whilst talking to you, a smile that shows his front teeth, standing close to you, constant eye contact with your face (not just eyes) and leaning towards you whilst talking are some of the physical signs of a guy being into you. Got any of these on your ‘Yes, he does this!’ list?

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Number 2: He texts and calls you first

This is the biggest giveaway. Even if you don’t talk for a week and you don’t text/call him, he’ll text/snap you and try to get a conversation running. Obviously, the exception being that he’s got legit reasons to be texting you like work or some other ‘non-romantic’ things. If he’s not into you, you’ll probably get ‘hmm’s and ‘k’s.

Number 3: He’s constantly making plans to meet you (even though you don’t make an effort)

He loves being with you, which is why he wants to meet you every other day! Now obviously, we’re excluding booty calls. If he plans to take you out and you guys hang out a lot, it’s pretty evident that he likes you.

Number 4: He constantly wants to know about your future plans

This is because he pictures a future with you. Yes, he wants to know your plans and be sure you don’t plan to leave the country next year and leave him hanging high and dry!

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Number 5: You can be yourself around him

He doesn’t judge you if you’re loud, crass, moody or just down right crazy. He loves and enjoys everything you do and never asks you to alter your behavior.

Number 6: He never wants to discuss other guys. Never.

He’ll get noticeably jealous when you talk about your date last night and will always try to steer the conversation to something else. He will never want to discuss other guys probably because he wants to be your guy!

Number 7: You catch him looking at you often 

You turn around and catch him looking at you with those doe-eyes. He loves the way you look every day and is often staring at you with a goofy smile on his face!

Number 8: He tends to ignore others when he’s with you

You’re his number one priority. He’ll try his best to dodge calls and friends to give you all his time!

Number 9: He goes out of his way to get or do something for you

You want a donut at 11 in the night. What does he do? He comes over to your place, with the donuts!

So, is he into you? Tell us what you plan to do now!

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