Think breakups are the end of the world? This article will change your view

The pain goes away, the lessons you learn stay.

Ah, heartbreaks. When you’re young and get your heart broken for the first time, you go through a whirlwind of emotions. The constant feeling of ‘This is it’ begins to swirl around your head and your brain begins to fool you into thinking you’ll end up alone, with no one to love.

The person you pictured your life with has disappeared. Poof, vanished. And it gets harder- you now have the added pleasure of getting to see them move on with someone else. Replace you. Watch them build the life you pictured- with someone else.

Heartbreaks in brief are a short journey through hell, but they ultimately turn you into a better, stronger and matured version of you. Nodding your head in denial? Read on to acquaint yourself with things that a broken heart teaches you:

A newer stronger you.

You lost a person you never thought would walk away. You feel their absence every day, it’s a piercing pain that doesn’t go away. A month later, you’ll find yourself thinking about them, but the intensity lessens.  2 months later, you’ll remember them once in a while. 3-4 months later, a song or a whiff might remind you of the times that have gone by. Do you know what happens after that? You realize you are so much stronger than you thought you were. You made it. You made it without the person you thought you couldn’t live without. You’re alive, kicking and breathing, aren’t you?

(Some) People are transitory

You’ve got your family. You’ve got your siblings. You’ve got your best friends. They’re here to stay. Here’s the thing with romantic relationships though: Sometimes, they don’t work out. And when they don’t, people walk away. This isn’t because they are selfish, this is basic human instinct. In a romantic relationship, (again, not all) people will put their needs before their partner’s. Don’t be shocked if your prince charming walks, ending your dreams of a happily ever after.

As cruel as it sounds, people are replaceable.

There’s a reason Beyonce said, “I can have another you in a minute.” Those goosebumps your ex gave you? You’ll find 5 different people who’ll give you the exact same feeling. Or even better. I know it’s easier said than done, but try and put yourself out there once. You’ll see what I mean.

It may seem petty, but…

That feeling of finally getting over someone is probably the best feeling you’ll ever experience. You feel strong, you feel like you’re the one who is in charge for a change and that feeling truly fills you with confidence (albeit a little petty) and re-assurance of your own worth!

Hold your head up high, take your broken heart on a vacation and fall in love with yourself because you got you for life!