5 sexting mistakes you should never make

Here are 5 things you should avoid if you want to enjoy sexting that doesn't turn into a bad phone chat that ends in ghosting.

Sexting – it’s something that everyone is doing these days. In fact, it’s almost expected of people to start sexting when things get serious (or even when things are not that serious). But here’s the problem- sexting can get real awkward, real fast.

The sexting mistakes that most people make can easily turn the sexiest sexting sessions absolutely cringy. The worst part is that people make these sexting mistakes on a regular basis and ruin everything before the relationship takes a steamy turn. Believe us, bad sexting can actually ruin relationships.

If you want to spice up your relationship or add some fun to your new relationship, you need to know about the sexting mistakes that might ruin your relationship! Here are 5 things you should avoid if you want to enjoy sexting that doesn’t turn into a bad phone chat and ends in ghosting.

Rushing to it:

Move slow. Start with talking about what you wanna do to them and then gradually work your way towards the dirty part!

Asking “and then what?”

This is such a turnoff! Don’t be lethargic and ask your partner to take the lead entirely. Make sure there’s two-way communication and you’re not just sitting there and moaning on the phone.

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Grammar is important!

It isn’t okay to typ lyK dis just because you’re sexting. Improper grammar is a big turn off and frankly, kinda sad.

Typing out paragraphs

We get it, you’re in the mood and have a lot to say but typing out long messages is a buzz kill. Keep it brief, sharp and to the point!

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Replying late

If you have gotten into a sexting conversation, make sure you’re free for the next 30 minutes and complete the conversation!

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