7 myths about having sex during periods and why you shouldn't believe them

If you're wondering is it safe to have sex on your period, the answer is YES. Here are 7 myths about having sex on your period that you need to get over:

Listen up, ladies! Just because you’re on your period doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice sex for those 5 days!

It’s 2017 and men and women still think period sex is disgusting and dirty. This is pretty infuriating because all this disgust towards sex during menstruation just reinforces the idea that periods are disgusting and shameful. Period-shaming is still a thing in 2017! While having sex on your period is certainly your decision to make, there is no reason to treat this topic like a taboo. I mean, there are so many reasons I can enlist to prove why period sex is a beautiful thing.

If you find yourself wondering, ‘Is it healthy and safe to have sex on your period?’, the answer is YES. Here are 7 myths about having sex on your period that you totally need to get over:

It’ll be gross

We all know that in the heat of the moment, everything besides having sex is automatically secondary. Sexual arousal overrides all other feelings which mean that once you get started you won’t even remember that you’re on your period. And after a few minutes, you’ll be too busy enjoying yourself to even care. It’s just a little blood people, get over it!

It’ll pain 

If you do suffer major cramps during your period, then an orgasm might help in relieving the pain by releasing oxytocin and dopamine. In many cases, sexual activity may reduce a migraine and headache. Don’t even worry about the pain!

You can’t get knocked up!

Okay, while having sex on your period will most likely not result in you getting pregnant because you’re several days away from ovulating, there are always exceptions. Use protection and be safe!

You won’t get into the mood

On the contrary, you may feel more sexually aroused during this time of the month because of the fluctuations in your hormone levels. Most women experience an increased feeling of congestion in the pelvic area during menstruation, which can amp up your sex drive!

You’ll need more lubrication

The need for lubrication lessens during your period because the blood acts as a natural lubricant.

 It’ll make your period worse

Worse? Nah! In fact, quite opposite might be the case. While it helps to lessen menstrual cramps, it can also cut your periods short. How?  The uterus goes through muscular contractions during orgasms and semen contains hormones that stimulate uterine contractions. This combination of these contractions allows your body to expel more menstrual blood, which brings the period to an early end.

There will be absolutely no pleasure

Wrong! If you experience cramping, feelings of sadness or anger during your period, having sex at this time may be beneficial because orgasms release endorphins aka feel-good hormones. Kiss your cranky mood away!


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