5 reasons why guys would kill to get a girlfriend like Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra is every guy's dream girl and why not, she is everything a guy looks for in his girlfriend. What makes her so different? Here's the answer

A Bollywood actress, an international star, singer, producer and what not, Priyanka Chopra is someone who doesn’t need any introduction. The actress turns a year older today and is on vacation with her family to an exotic location. While a lot has already been said and written about her Hollywood debut, Bollywood projects, and love life, we decided to decode a really interesting thing about her life. You must have noticed that in so many years of her career, despite being linked with many of her co-actors and other bigwigs of the industry, Priyanka always kept this part of her personal life under wraps. She is every guy’s dream girl and why not, PeeCee is everything a guy looks for in his girlfriend. So, what makes her so different and lovable? Here’s the answer

Not a Gold-Digger

In one of her interviews, Priyanka said that when a guy comes in her life it will only be for love and not money. Well, why not! She is capable enough to buy her own diamonds.


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A perfect travel partner

PeeCee is all about fun and sass. She is outgoing, witty and a no-cribbing tough girl, which make her a perfect travel companion. And after seeing her recent carefree and cool vacation pictures, we are sure every guy will look for the same in his girl.


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Too cool to be possessive

She is super confident about herself and can give you a major complex with just her presence. So a girl like Priyanka, who knows she is the best, will hardly feel possessive about her man.


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She will help you build an empire

PeeCee is not the type of girl who would sit back, relax and blow your money. In fact, she is someone who not only works hard and is independent but will also encourage you to do the same and is there to help her man at every stage.


Last, but not the least

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She is sexy and she knows it!

Priyanka Chopra is a perfect combination of beauty with brains and any guy would love to be with a girl like her. She is down to earth, hot as hell and uberly stylish.


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