Salary of Bollywood celebs' Personal Assistant will make you switch your job right now!

Their salary will make you want to quit your job and apply for the job as a celebrity's personal assistant. Click to read how much they earn

Being a personal assistant to a Bollywood star is not exactly the easiest job in the world. They are the right hand of the celebrities who make the world go round for them. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that our celebrities would go berserk without their personal assistants. From running errands to managing a celebrities’ shoot dates, the personal assistants have to ensure everything runs smoothly for their bosses. They have to go above and beyond the role of normal working patterns and are kept at the beck and call wherever, whenever.

Okay, enough with the difficult part of the job, let us now come to the rewards because everything in this world has pros and cons. As a personal assistant of a celebrity, you get to eat at the best restaurants, get the VIP passes to every event, clubs, parties you go to, you get to travel the world (for work, but still).

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You get to choose their outfits on their behalf and also get to have a glamorous job which needs you to dress up for the part. You have access to almost everything that belongs to your employer and you become their confidante, someone they spill all their secrets to. Sometimes you also become the most important person in their lives for the reason that you spend so much time together and you are responsible for making their life ten times easier.

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The main reward for any job, however, is the salary. A celebrity assistant earns up to Rs 5,000 per day which means that they earn up to Rs 18 lakhs per annum for all their hard work! Doesn’t it make you want to send your resume to a celebrity already? But as an aside, a reminder for you– The job of a personal assistant is a job with extreme work pressure and is their role shrouded in secrecy and non-disclosure agreements. And you never know what is going to be thrown your way next!

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