Priyanka Chopra's success to Ranveer Singh's stardom: Know the 'person' who make Bollywood stars shine

Bollywood has a fleet of ladies who helped our celebs reach the levels that they have. Here's a list of some of the most most sought celeb managers:

Our Bollywood celebs sure do shine bright, but there’s a person hiding in their shadows who helps them shine so bright- their managers! Right from looking after the celebs’ schedules to closing brand deals for them, these managers are literally their backbones! The celebs love them to bits and leave no stone unturned when it comes to looking after their managers.

Bollywood has a fleet of strong ladies who have helped our celebs reach the levels that they have. Here’s a list of some of the most sought after Indian celebs and their managers:

 Poonam Damania – Kareena Kapoor’s manager

Poonam is often clicked with Kareena and her family at parties and events. They’ve worked together for so long that they now share a great personal rapport!

Anjali Atha – Hritik Roshan’s manager

Anjali has been Hritik’s manager for years now and says he is an amazing human being who treats his crew like family.

Ritika Nagpal – Anushka Sharma’s manager

Anushka says Ritika is her biggest support in Bollywood and she is grateful for her presence and Ritika loves Anushka because she isn’t pretentious. They turned into gal pals after working together for a few years.

Zenobia – Akshay Kumar’s manager

Zenobia helped Akshay make some amazing career choices in the recent past and he is forever thankful to this Supergirl!

Tanuja Mehra – Bipasha Basu

Tanuja and Bipasha’s relationship is less professional and more sisterly! Whether it’s on Bipasha’s holidays shoots, Tanuja is always snapped nearby and they make sure they spend quality time every week. Ain’t that nice?!

Susan Rodrigues – Ranveer Singh’s manager

Susan studied to be an anthropologist, but ended up working with YRF and is a part of their in-house celeb managers. She handles Ranveer Singh and his enthusiasm levels like a pro and even though she has only been working as a celeb manager for the past four years, she is one of the most sought after names in the industry.

Mrinaal Chablani – Priyanka Chopra’s manager

Mrinaal Chablani is a part of PC’s girl gang and has been PC’s manager for almost 10 years! She and Priyanka are practically fam and since Priyanka is always busy shooting outside the country, Mrinaal takes care of her schedule for Bollywood and ad shoots back home.


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