Successful and driven, yet depressed? Dark side of 'High Functioning Depression'

Would you believe if we say that a successful person can also be depressed? Here's all you need to know about high functioning depression or dysthymia

If someone asked you to describe a depressed person, what would you say? A depressed person is someone who is sad and alone? Someone who has trouble sleeping at night and finds it difficult to leave the bed in the morning? Someone who is perpetually exhausted? Someone who has very low self-esteem and feels hopeless all the time?

Or would you say that a depressed person is someone who is strong and driven? Someone who has a great job and close circle of friends? Someone who is acing at every challenge that is presented to them? Someone who is critical of his every action and demands nothing less than perfection from himself and others?

Would you believe if we say that a successful person can also be depressed?

It might come as a surprise to you but people who seem to have figured out everything, people who seem to have everything in place in their life are the ones who suffer from a rare form of depression called high functioning depression or dysthymia. The symptoms of high functioning depression include– hypersomnia or insomnia; fatigue; low self-esteem; difficulty in concentrating; overeating or poor appetite; along with a feeling of hopelessness.

Unlike people with low functioning depression, people suffering from high functioning depression doesn’t suffer from disruptions in their regular life. They kick ass at their work, they manage their relationships perfectly, their friends seek their advice, they seem to have it all together, until they are all alone because that’s when their world crumbles down upon them and they have no place to hide.

Family and friends of such people often don’t realize their condition until it’s too late, which makes it the worst form of depression to suffer from.

So, here are some tell tale signs and symbols to know if someone is suffering from high-functioning depression:

They sleep differently

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Sleeping Naked

They either sleep too much or don’t sleep at all. Good sleep is the key to mental health and people suffering from high functioning depression are often lacking behind in that department.

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They doubt themselves

Depression, health

Depression (Photo: Pixabay)

They have low self-esteem and they constantly doubt themselves. Whether they are doing justice to their relationship or if they are performing well at their job, they are way too critical about themselves.

They are the worriers

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Worrying (Photo: Pixabay)

They worry about everything in life. Be it something they did in the past or about the choices they made recently, they never get over the feeling of guilt and worry.

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Perfection much?

Mental Health, depression,

Mental Health (Photo: Pixabay)

They seek perfection in everything they do. From cracking the IITs to finding the top notch job in the industry, there’s nothing that they don’t aspire to achieve. What’s worse is that they constantly criticise themselves if they fail to achieve their benchmarks.

They don’t slow down

Mental Health, depression

Mental Health (Photo: Pixabay)

They suffer from the obsessive compulsive disorder. Mean? They will cook and tidy their room and wash all clothes the moment they return from without taking a break. Because taking a break means that they will have to deal with the monsters that they have been running away from.

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