From weight loss to skin care: 13 reasons why you should start drinking 'white tea' now

Do you know there is a third variety of tea called-- White Tea? It not only promotes weight loss but also protects your heart, liver, and kidney

Tea is an important part of our daily routines. From waking us up in the morning to helping us stay up late at night while we are busy preparing for an important presentation next day and helping two strangers bond to meeting up with good old friends after years. Tea is for Indians, what wine is for Italians. Needless to say that we like our tea strong and infused with rich flavours of ginger and cardamom.

But have you ever wondered what all varieties of tea are available out there? Sure there is our favourite black tea and green tea, the variety that has acquired fame over the past couple of years thanks to its magical properties. But do you know there is a third variety of tea called– White Tea?

White tea is the tea that hasn’t been processed in any way after drying. The young tea buds look white in colour after drying (hence the name) and the tea often has a mild flavour. It is primarily harvested in China’s Fujian proviance, eastern Nepal, Taiwan, northern Thailand and Sri Lanka.

Here are 13 reasons why you should add white tea to your menu:

It helps in weight loss

weight loss

weight loss

Everyone knows that green tea aids in weight loss. But do you know, white tea is equally good at helping you reduce weight? In fact, it contains more antioxidants and antiangiogenic properties and is less processed than its green and black counterparts.

It is good for skin care

Skin Care (Photo: Express Archive)

White tea is excellent for maintaining a healthy skin. It not only repairs damaged skin but also keeps acne at bay. For best results, drink two cups of white tea every day.

It helps to prevent cancer

Representative image

Pills (Photo: Indian Express)

Research shows that white tea is more effective at fighting cancer cells than green tea. Apart from fighting cancer cells, it also protects the healthy cells.

It is good for oral health


Toothache (Photo: Dreamstime)

White tea is full of compounds like flavonoids, polyphenols, and tannins, which prevent bacterial growth in the mouth cavity and reduce the risk of tooth decay.

It controls diabetes

Diabetes (Photo: Max Pixel)

One of the numerous benefits of drinking white tea is that it helps in controlling diabetes. It not only helps in reducing the level of glucose in blood but also helps in secretion of insulin in the body.

It is good for heart health

Heart health

Heart health (Photo: Pixabay)

White tea contains the maximum amount of antioxidants compared with the other varieties of tea. This not only reduces the blood cholesterol levels and stress to the heart but also decreases blood pressure, lowering the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

It is good for the kidney

Stomach Issues (Photo: Flickr)

White tea contains a compound called catechins. This compound not only protects the kidneys against renal failure but also help in reversing the negative impact of environmental pollution on the body.

It is good for liver

Stomach Ache, health

Stomach Ache (Photo: Facebook)

Several studies have shown the miraculous impact of drinking white tea on the liver. Catechins found in the white tea help in protecting the liver against hepatitis B infection.

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It relieves common cold

common cold

Common cold (Photo: Pixabay)

Among the many health benefits of drinking common cold is that it provides relief to those suffering from cold and flu.

It has anti-aging properties

Acne, skin care, food

Acne (Photo: Twitter)

White tea contains polyphenols which help in neutralising free radicals (compounds that cause premature aging) in the body. Drinking white tea not only tightens the skin but also prevents wrinkles.

It is good for memory

tea, health

Tea (Photo: Pixabay)

White tea is full of compounds that not only slow down brain from aging-related memory decline but also improves memory.

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It is good for digestion

tea, health

Tea (Photo: Pixabay)

White tea is good for digestion. It not only relieves cramps and acidity but also cures indigestion.

It is good for bones

Joint pain, health

Joint pain (Photo: Facebook)

White tea protects your body from developing diseases that degrade bones like osteoporosis. It also strengthens your bones.

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