From reducing stress to burning calories, these 7 reasons will make you sleep naked tonight

Sleeping naked sounds sexy but did you know it is more beneficial to sleep naked? Here are reasons why you should shed those layers before hitting the sack

Sleeping is very important to have a calm mind and healthy body. It has innumerable health benefits and our body rejuvenates itself while we doze off. But did you know sleeping is more beneficial if you sleep unclothed? Sleeping naked sure sounds sexy on the surface but here’s the real deal-  sleeping Au naturel in your birthday suit is legitimately good for your health too. Consider it an excuse for the fans of sleeping in the nude or just some healthy advice. Here’s why you too might just want to start shedding off those layers of clothes before going to bed.

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You sleep better

Sleeping naked improves the quality of sleep. There is no-strings-attached, no clothes getting twisted restricting your movements which help you get a deeper and better sleep. And we need no science to tell us that deep, sound sleep is any day healthier.

It reduces stress

Since sleeping naked is “so” much without sweaty interruptions, it also helps in reducing stress. it helps in decreasing the level of stress hormones called cortisol. When we sleep overheated, cortisol level tends to be high even after we wake up.

Burns more calories

We are not saying that sleeping naked is like working out, but we aren’t saying it is not so either. If our body is too heated up while sleeping it does not release growth hormones which help in repairing cells and instead produces stress hormones causing a spike in insulin. So when we sleep dressed, the body remains in panic mode and stores fats instead of burning it.

Lowers blood pressure

Skin-to-skin contact generates oxytocin, a hormone shown to have many health benefits. Sleeping naked with your partner, sends impulses to the brain triggering the release of oxytocin which has a protective effect on the heart. It helps in reducing blood pressure, reduces anxiety and boosts immunity.

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Keeps your sex organs happy

For men, ditching boxers while hitting the sack helps the testes to remain at a cooler temperature.  This helps to keep sperm healthy and reproductive system normal. For women, sleeping naked can help prevent yeast infection because yeasts grow in warm, moist conditions.

Dodge fungal infection

Sleeping in tight clothes or clothes that cling to your body doesn’t let your precious body parts down below breathe leading to fungal infections. Keeping the area cooled, dry and “aired” during sleep helps in dodging fungal infections.

It makes you look younger 

..Or at least it helps you age better. Sleeping with clothes on makes you grow old faster. The human growth hormone that helps in burning fats also has anti-aging qualities which help renew the skin and prevents wrinkles and spots.

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