Are you a night owl? 13 healthy ways to stay awake all night

Do you have to prepare for an interview tomorrow? Are you planning to pull an all nighter? From listening to peppy music to drinking Apple juice, here are some healthy ways you can try instead of drinking energy drinks

Ask anyone what they love to do besides eating yummy food and the answer will always be– sleeping. Sleep is our best friend. It not only gives us some much-needed rest but also makes all the worries and problems go away. Needless to say, no one wants to miss out on sleep. Be it for a big interview that will land you your dream job or for your final exams, sometimes we need more than 24 hours to prepare for some of the most important events of our lives.

While most of us turn to energy drinks for help, it is advisable not get hooked on these drinks owing to their countless harmful impacts (Read the story here: Harmful effects of energy drinks).

So, here is a list of healthy ways that will help you to pull an all-nighter with ease:

1. Use bright lights


Bright Lights (Photo: Eielson)

One of the easiest ways to stay awake is to trick your brain that it’s still day. How you do that? By using bright lights in your room. It’s a time-tested fact that it’s hard to fall asleep in bright lights. Don’t trust us? Try it out yourself.

2. Chew gum

Chewing Gum

Chewing Gum (Photo: Pixabay)

Want to stay up late? Start munching! Chewing not only keeps your mouth busy but also helps your brain to stay alert. Plus, it requires absolutely no effort at all.

3. Stand while you study

lifestyle, Studies

Studies (Photo: Pexels)

Though we are accustomed to studying while sitting, standing helps. You cannot fall asleep while standing. If you cannot stand for an extended period of time, try walking in your room every half an hour.

4. Workout before pulling an all-nighter


Pre Workout Routine

While many of you might run away from the idea of exercise but a couple of yoga poses might actually help to speed up your heartbeat, helping you to stay awake and alert.

5. Keep it cool

Winter, cold

Winter (Photo: Pixabay)

It’s no brainer that a warm and fuzzy environment makes you drowsy and sleepy. One of the best (and the easiest) ways to stay awake is to keep your room ice cool (not literally that cool). Maintain an optimum temperature and you’re a good to go.

6. Go caffeine

Green Tea

Green Tea (Photo: Pixabay)

The general advisory says that shun every ounce of caffeine from your life. But life is all about the balance so a small cup of hot coffee/tea every 2-3 hours can actually help you stay awake.

7. Take a cat nap before you start the marathon


Sleeping disorder (Photo: Pixabay)

You might be planning to pull an all-nighter but that doesn’t mean that you can’t rest. Take a short nap before your marathon begins and you should be good to go for a couple of hours!

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8. Keep munching

Salad, healthy snacks

Salad (Photo: Maxpixel)

Eating food high in sugar is not healthy, but that doesn’t mean that you have to stay away from food for the whole night. Switch carb-packed meals with protein-rich snacks and keep your energy levels up all night.

9. Find a buddy

Group studies

Group studies (Photo: Wikimedia)

Find a study buddy and chat while you focus on your subject. Who doesn’t like group studies eh? Chatting helps to keep your brain stay alert and sleep off at the bay.

10. Switch topics


Gujarat textbook defines Roza as Cholera

Feeling drowsy? Well, it is time to switch your topic to something more interesting and fun. If you find yourself hanging on to the same topic for more than half, I suggest that you change the topic. Clearly, your brain is getting bored and it needs something more stimulating.

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11. Jazz it up


Music (Photo: Pixabay)

If sleep is getting the better for you, it’s time that you up your game and tune into some light music. Peppy music at low volume with studies works as a miracle in helping one stay awake.

12. Keep yourself hydrated


Water (Photo: Pexels)

One of the basic necessities of life is water. Interestingly, it is also one of the things that can help you stay awake late at night. Drink water regularly and splash some on your face, there’s nothing that works better than it.

13. Apple of my eye

Apple Juice, food

Apple Juice (Photo: Wikimedia)

This one is a time-tested tactic. Drink apple juice, every once in a while to keep yourself hydrated and awake. I recommend fresh apple juice to keep up the nutrient content and preservatives to a bare minimum.

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