Why Deepika Padukone's Cannes Diet Made Us Cry

When not winning hearts with her red-carpet looks, Deepika Padukone was spotted gorging on delicious food at Cannes this year

Deepika Padukone sure does have a hard life.

Ek toh she wakes up looking like this!

And then she has to drape layers and layers of ruffled cloth around herself to look like bougainvillea and still manage to rock the look!

And then she has to gnaw into some boring salad!

Wait, What ?!

Here are some food pics from Deepika Padukone’s Instagram feed that got us seriously worried.

“bagel, cream cheese & a hot beverage…en route to Cannes diet…” ???

Did no one tell the poor girl that one has to kill a part of yourself to look the way she does?

Something tells me that this quite self-defeating.

Well, this is not the first time when she has shared some yummy food items on her Instagram. Last year, when Deepika for the first time walked the Cannes carpet, she made sure to share the pictures of what all she ate.

As if that was not enough, in a live chat with Viral Bollywood, Deepika even spoke about her favourite food. She revealed that Parsi style eggs are her regular breakfast apart from South-Indian dishes. And for dessert, she likes plain cheesecake or anything with chocolate, and gajar ka halwa, badam halwa, sheera and gulab jamun.

Someone, please kill me!