What do you do if you're craving pizza in space? You bake one!

Bon Appétit, guys!

There can’t be any alternative to pizza. If you are craving one, you have to eat one, even if you are in space. No, we are not kidding. So, a few days ago NASA astronauts planned a party at the International Space Station (ISS), but they had no pizza. And there can be no party without pizzas, right?

So, astronauts decided to add some slices in their party. NASA scientist and astronaut, Paolo Nespoli ‘casually’ mentioned about how he is missing pizza up there to his boss at ISS, the boss made sure to have some pizza-licious moment for all.

Paolo took to Twitter and posted a video which will surely make you want to order a large pizza right away:

After watching the video of the astronauts-turned-chefs, Twitterati couldn’t stop salivating:

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