This bowl of expensive beef soup costs more than a roundtrip to Singapore!

A bowl of the famous beef noodle shop from Niu Ba Ba will surely dig a big hole in your pocket but it is simply worth it!

While most of the world (obviously excluding India) enjoys beef soup for a price tag of $6-$10, a shop in Taipei, Taiwan has been charging $325 for beef noodle soup and diners don’t mind shelling out the extravagant amount! Where, you ask? Niu Ba Ba, 149, Section 6, Minquan East Road, Taipei City, Taiwan. Famous beef noodle shop Niu Ba Ba that was founded in 1990 serves eight types of beef noodles that are in the range of $16-$25. All but one, which is the most expensive —the Presidential Beef Noodle Soup that cost $325 (around Rs 21,000)!

If you’re wondering why is this plain bowl of beef soup so expensive, let us tell you- it does not have ingredients like diamonds or gold and neither is it infused with expensive ingredients like saffron. It’s just a simple bowl of beef. Well, then why is it so damn expensive?


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The shop has been serving their Presidential Beef Noodle Soup for almost 20 years now, but the extravagant price tag was decided only in 2007. The price tag was left blank for almost 20 years and the owners asked the customers to pay whatever they thought the soup was worth and since many of the customers said they would be okay with paying up to TWD 10,000 for the noodles, they decided to make that the official price! That’s it!

Check out what a vlogger had to say about the soup:

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So is there anything special about the soup?

Each bowl of soup has four types of premium beef cuts from the United States and Australia and six stocks are blended to complete the delicious broth. There’s a lot of options- Five types of noodles can be paired with different seasonings and preferences, allowing diners to completely customize their soup according to their choice. The owner claims they use only the best and well-cut braised beef for their Presidential Beef Noodle Soup. The beef is braised and frozen for four days before being cut in a specific shape to achieve the perfect texture and flavor. And the crowd loves it! Seeing that the owner spent 26 years coming up with the perfect recipe, it had to be a sure-shot hit, right?






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