People are dipping Pizzas in Chai & we're officially disgusted

We're about to start a war against Pizza haters.

Just when you thought Pineapple toppings on pizzas was the lowest humanity could go, we’ve reached a new low. This time, the eerie combination will make you want to leave the planet for good (Elon Musk our Lord and saviour). Pizza, meet your newest enemy- Chai!

A video has surfaced on social media where someone gleefully dips their pizza into a cup of chai. Everyone who has seen the video has one simple question- WHY? Why would someone ruin a perfectly beautiful piece of Pizza by dipping it into CHAI!

While we love chai and have nothing against it, why don’t people realise all the hard work and love that goes into making a pizza? We could’ve made our peace with people biting into Pineapple covered pizzas (albeit with a very heavy heart) but dipping it in chai is where we pizza lovers draw the line!

The horrifying video was shared on a popular Facebook page ‘Just Pakistani Things’ and the page admin rightly titled the video ‘do not watch the video if you’re faint hearted’. The video has garnered thousands of views and hundreds of comments condemning the heinous murder of a beautiful pizza slice.

Watch the video right here (NOT for the faint hearted; tears ahead) :

Pizza lovers must unite and stand against this inhumane, cruel practice and end it before it goes viral. What do you think? That’s not all. Earlier, somebody dipped a delicious slice into milk and they even loved it.

Oh God, why?