These Incredulously Big Parathas Of Delhi Is Probably One Of Its Best-Kept Food Secret

In the narrow bylanes of Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah, a small shop tucked in a corner of the main lane of Nizamuddin Dargah can easily escape from your eyes. But your nose will not let you down. The sweet smell of the halwa paratha might direct you to the Mohammed Salim’s shop, the only outlet in the area where you get this delicious combination.

Inside the shop, you’d find a young man in his late 20s, drawing you towards the food combination that immediately catches your attention.  This shop was started by Mohammed Salim in 1996 and he has been selling halwa parathas ever since.

The huge plate of halwa is decorated with cherries and dry fruits. This is not your run-of-the-mill sweet paratha.  It is approximately 1.5 ft. in diameter and prepared using maida. The dough is loosely kneaded and eventually rolled out on a large greased wooden base. They make small holes in the paratha to ensure that it does not bloat. It is then transferred to kadhai to deep fry.

The huge deep fried paratha is paired with sweet halwa, made with sooji, dry fruits, sugar, and ghee. The dish is quite popular in India, Pakistan and Central Asia is also known as Katlama. The entire lane just has one shop that sells the amazing delicacy.

It is a huge paratha and is served in 4 pieces. A single serving of halwa and paratha weighs around half kg. The full paratha with halwa is priced at Rs. 120.