Scorpion sting, crocodile eggs and 5 other ice-cream flavours that we dare you to try

One dessert that everyone loves to snack on is ice cream. But would you try ice cream that is made from crocodile eggs or that looks like viagra? Know more about such crazy ice cream flavours inside

Ask anyone to name the one dessert that they relish the most and you know what their answer would be– ice cream! People from all age groups across the globe love to munch on this tantalising dessert during the sultry summer months. From gulping chunks of Slurpees to dipping your senses in a cup of creamy gelato, ice cream is not just a dessert, but also a friend that lifts our mood when we don’t feel good.

It’s a universally accepted fact that you can never go wrong with an ice cream for your dessert, but what if your ice cream had lobster chunks in it? Or if it was made from squid ink? Would you still dare to eat it?

Well, folks here’s a list of weird ice creams around the world that will give you chills (literally):

1) Ice-cream that glows when you lick it

Ice cream that glows (Photo: Facebook/Lick Me I’m Delicious)

On the top of our list is a glow-in-the-dark ice-cream that glows when you lick it. The founder of UK-based dessert innovation company ‘Lick Me I’m Delicious’, Charlie Francis created this unique ice-cream and the secret to his innovation lies in a sea creature called jellyfish. He uses a protein extracted from the jellyfish to make his ice-cream glow. In case you were wondering, it is available only in the UK.

2) Scorpion sting ice-cream

ice cream

Scorpion sting ice-cream (Photo: Ice Cream Journal)

Up until now, you must have heard about scorpions being eaten in some parts of the world. But would you dare to try an ice cream with a scorpion on it? Scorpion sting ice-cream is made from various hot sauces including ghost pepper and it is topped with a frozen scorpion.

3) Goth ice-cream

ice cream

Goth ice cream (Photo: Facebook/Ray Martinez)

Are you obsessed with the colour black? Well, this ice-cream is for you. It contains activated charcoal and currently, it is being sold at ice-cream parlors in Los Angeles. Gone are the days of eating black burgers!

4) Squid ink ice-cream

ice cream

Squid ink ice-cream (Photo: Facebook/DaVinci Gourmet Asia)

Sea creatures are an inspiration to a variety of dishes. After a glow-in-the-dark ice-cream, it’s time that you try a dessert that is made from squid ink. However, if you want to taste it, you will have to travel to Japan.

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5) Viagra ice-cream

ice cream

Viagra ice-cream (Photo: Facebook/Lorna Cunningham)

Italy is known for gelato and the flavours usually vary with the region and season. But this ice-cream has nothing to do with either one of them. Viagra ice-cream looks just like the tiny pill and is available only in Italy.

6) Lobster ice-cream

ice cream

Lobster ice cream (Photo: Facebook/James Perez)

Are you flying to the United States anytime soon? If you are, do not forget to try the lobster ice-cream at Ben & Bill’s Chocolate Emporium in Bar Harbor, Maine. The dessert contains actual pieces of lobster (in case you were curious).

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7) Crocodile egg ice-cream

ice cream

Crocodile egg ice-cream (Photo: Facebook/The Philippines)

Crocodiles are usually hunted for their skin, which is used to make fine quality leather. But do you know that their eggs are used for making ice-cream in the Philippines? An ice-cream shop in the country sells crocodile egg ice-cream in three different flavours– Vanilla, Pandan and Durian (which is a local fruit). Would you give this one a try?

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