Putting an end to the debate. Here's why vegetarian diet is healthier than eating meat

To prove a point to all the meat eaters, here are 5 points that show a vegetarian life is healthier in general (This isn't a propaganda article. Calm down)

The war between vegetarians and non-vegetarians has been waging on for years now. For every vegetarian who puts forth an argument against meat and its ill effects,  there will be four meat eaters who’ll start chiming about the positive effects of meat and how you absolutely need to chow down on chicken for protein and fish. Dude, you get proteins? Prooteeiinsss.

We get it. Meat has protein. Who cares if some meats are high in saturated fat and can raise blood cholesterol levels. We need ’em proteins. To prove a point to all the meat eaters, here are 5 points that show a vegetarian life is healthier in general (You’ve got your own opinions, this isn’t a propaganda article. Calm down):

Meat is the new tobacco!

Heard of the World Health Organization (WHO)? Well, the WHO places red and processed meat at the same danger level as cigarettes for health. So basically, meat is the new tobacco! They describe that the consumption of red meat is “probably carcinogenic” to humans. Probably. But do you wanna risk it?

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Digging deeper

An article by Rob Dunn, a biologist and professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at North Carolina State University, was titled ‘Human Ancestors Were Nearly All Vegetarians’ and it explored this vegetarian vs meat eater issue from an evolutionary perspective. It revealed how our guts were probably evolved to perform best on a vegetarian diet. It also stated that there are many aspects to good health, and a vegan/vegetarian diet is one of them!

Let’s talk about heart health, shall we?

A researcher Dr. Dean Ornish, the founder of the nonprofit Preventive Medicine Research Institute in Sausalito, found that patients who were put on a vegetarian diet had less coronary plaque and fewer cardiac events. And there’s plenty more where that came from.

Protein? We got it!

Plant-based diets are lower in calories, saturated fat and cholesterol than carnivorous diets and are higher in fiber, vitamins, minerals and health-promoting antioxidants. Yes, meat has a higher content of protein, but plants have the ideal amount of proteins needed by the human body. Research by WHO has shown that all plants contain at least 14%  protein. You can munch on Broccoli after gym. Chill.

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Better Mood, Better Sex

Yep, eating plants can have a positive impact on your dopamine and libido levels. A higher intake of fruits and veggies result in feeling more calm and composed. Their libido-boosting properties assist with increasing sex hormones too! Meat just gets you bloaty and lazy (so basically, no sexy times).


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