Not sweet corn or tomato, try these 5 'unconventional' soups this winter instead

Winters are here and the time to hold the hot cup of soup too. Check out some easy-to-make unconventional soups you can sip

With foggy mornings and lazy evenings, winter has finally arrived. Though we are excited about those long coats and bonfires, legit disappointed about shorter days. ’tis the season to be merry and to cocoon yourself in a blanket with a delicious cup of soup in hand. Aren’t winters amazing? But if you’re bored of drinking the same sweet corn, chicken and tomato soup, it’s time to get out of your comfort and try some deliciously made ‘unconventional’ soups.

Mulligatawny soup

Originated in Madras, this Anglo-Indian soup is a legacy of the British Raj. Mulligatawny soup is a hybrid preparation and comprises two distinct culinary traditions. It has different variations and mostly includes lentils, vegetables, coconut milk and spice like cinnamon, bay leaf and black pepper.

Murungai keerai

Commonly known as drumstick-leaves soup, this is a rich source of vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids and minerals. The soup is made using drumsticks and moringa leaves.

Kharode ka soup

Popularly known as paya ka shorba, this Mughlai broth is cooked with goat or lamb trotters. There is a special way to cook the soup. Kharode ka soup is slow-cooked by simmering bone marrow and meat for hours so that it releases nutrients such as amino acids and calcium.

Kashmiri gosht yakhni shorba

Kashmiri gosht yakhni shorba is made with chicken, tomato-and-coriander, lentil and yoghurt. Perfect for gloomy winter nights, the soup is perfect for mutton lovers.

Ulava Charu

Made using gram lentils, this rasam-like soup comes from Andhra Pradesh. It is a great source of iron, protein and calcium. It has a tangy taste of tamarind, and curry leaves aroma.

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