Never Order These 5 Food Items At A Restaurant

It is no less than a nightmare. Right?

Let’s face it, your Maa is always right when she says she can replicate that dish you order at your favourite restaurant for fraction of the price. Yet, we eat out. We are slaves like that.

We know, we know, when you gotta eat out, you gotta eat out!

Yet, there are ways in which you can ensure the damage to your pocket (and your health) is minimal.

1. Never order the popular dishes
If you order the most popular dish of the restaurant, the restaurants might have pre-made it. Restaurants usually have their top sellers in stock and they just reheat order before serving.

2. Water with lemon, bad news!
According to a study published in the Journal of Environmental Health, researchers tested 76 lemons from 21 restaurants. They found that 70% of them were contaminated with bacteria. Moreover, why bother paying extra bucks for something so basic?

3. Don’t scream for Ice cream
Eating ice cream after dinner is always awesome, but it is advisable to avoid dessert made with milk. You never know how long they have refrigerated these and whether ice cream is stored in a hygienic condition or not. Don’t miss if it is made-in-house.

4. Seafood = Bad mornings 
Avoid ordering any type of seafood unless the restaurant is known for its seafood. You never know what they are serving you. Fish declines in quality rapidly. So, if they have ordered their fish on Monday, by Thursday or Friday it might not taste fine. It is better to eat fish as fresh as possible.

5. Free Snacks, pass them on!
A few restaurants serve nuts and other munchies free of charge with drinks. But are they fresh always? Not every time, these restaurants and bars bring out a fresh serving for every new customer. They simply dump back the leftover into a container and reuse the next day.