Most Expensive Sweets Ever? This Surat Shop Sells Sweets For Rs 9000/KG

The sweets are covered with gold leaves and are called 'Gold Sweets'.

Keeping the festive spirit alive, a shop in Surat, Gujarat is selling sweets for Rs 9,000 per Kg. Wondering what’s special about them?

Well, the sweets are covered with gold leaves and are called ‘Gold Sweets’. The shop—named ’24 Carats Mithai Magic’—has come up with this idea of making sweets covered in gold on the occasion of Rakshabandhan.

“The gold work on sweets is good for health which is the reason why people are buying the same. Gold has anti-inflammatory benefits and is even used in various cancer treatments. And as Rakshabandhan is around the corner, sisters are buying them for their brothers,” one of the shop owners told ANI.

The same sweet with silver work is sold for Rs 300/- to Rs 350/- per kg in the market.

Speaking about the unique shop, one of the customers shared her experience, “As I entered the shop I was amazed. People in the shop have informed that these sweets are good for health.”