Merry Christmas 2016: Let your taste buds shout YUMM with these mouth watering Christmas cakes [WATCH]

Time to relish Christmas eve by treating your friends and family members with different types of no baked cakes!

The beautiful festival of Christmas is here and so is the occasion where you can spend quality time with your family and friends. Apart from the whole party mood where children wait for gifts and Santa Claus, people love having different varieties of yummy and mouth-watering cakes! While they can be ordered online but the pleasure of baking one at home is above everything!

Despite the fact that you do not need an occasion to grab a slice of cake, we feel that the festival is one such special occasion that demands a treat for your taste buds. There are several videos on the internet that can help you experiment with different types of cakes!


Chocolate cake

So, for those of you would still prefer homemade cakes! We have a few options in store for you people.We present to you a list of no-bake cake recipes


Chocolate cake

No-bake Oreo cheesecake:

The yummy combination of Oreo biscuits and a delicious cake is something one can’t miss at all. Here is how you can make one within a few minutes:

(Courtesy: YouTube|TheCooknShare)

No bake chocolate biscuit cake
The chocolate biscuit cake is super easy to make. All you need is to follow this video and this Christmas you can treat all your friends with a mouth watering sweetener!

(Courtesy: YouTube|Rajshri Food)

No-bake carrot cake

Healthy and yummy – This is the unique selling point of carrot cake that is rich in nutritional value. Now you can tease your taste buds with this delight. Here’s how you can make one within a shorter span of time.

(Courtesy: YouTube|We Grubbin)

No bake Kit Kat ice cream cake

So if Oreo couldn’t catch up with your tummy’s temptation, you have Kit Kat cake that can do wonders to cheer you! Imagine Kit Kat cake on a Christmas eve! Now, this is a perfect combination!

(Courtesy: YouTube|Treat Factory)

No bake white chocolate strawberry mousse cake
The cake is an elegant and delicate dessert which is refreshing and yummy to end anyone’s craving. For sweet tooth people, the strawberry adds a flavour to the overall taste. A crispy crust topped with fresh strawberries bring in a lot of texture.

(Courtesy: YouTube|Home Cooking Adventure)

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