Large or small drink: Is the quantity same? Check out these videos to know the truth

Watch out, guys!

Have you ever encountered a situation in which vendor convinces you to buy a large drink instead of small by paying just Rs 10 extra? Of course, at cinema halls or kiosks, right? Eating at a fast food joint has indeed become tricky. Because what you want and what you end up taking is rarely same. You ask for a small drink, you pay a tad bit extra and get a large drink, but is it really a large drink?

A Houston guy has tweeted a video that suggests — whether it is small, medium or large, they are all the same quantity.  Don’t believe us? Check out here:

This guy pours liquid in three cups — small, medium and large. And the quantity is basically the same.

The video went viral with 27,062 likes and 1.1k comments. While some people called it an illusion, a few called it a trick and others agreed to what that guy was showing. Check out what Twitterati has to say:

Somebody shared a video showing something more and a different picture.

So we are still here! Mystery unsolved. To order or not to order large drinks.

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