How This Pakistani Farmer's YouTube Food Channel Benefits Poor Kids

Every week, at least twice he cooks in large quantities and feeds underprivileged children of his village

Mubashir Saddique, once just a regular office-goer from Pakistan, now has a claim to fame that’s winning him fans all over the world.

As a production manager in a football production factory, Saddique barely had time for himself. In 2017, he left his city job to take care of his ageing parents back home in the village and to take over his family’s farm. It was his younger brother who suggested that he pursue his hobby of cooking while he was home, by starting a YouTube channel. Almost a year and half later, the 33-year-old farmer has become a YouTube celebrity with his popular food channel, Village Food Secrets.

His kitchen is the lush fields, and he cooks by using the organic produce from his farm.  The quantity of food he makes often depends on whether he’s cooking just for his family, or plans on distributing food among the underprivileged kids in his village, which is a regular occurrence.

His channel does not limit itself to regional cuisine, however. He also makes burgers and pizzas, which he bakes in an earthen tandoor built from scratch. His open kitchen has nothing fancy about it; preferring to use a wooden takhti instead of a cutting board. Apart from a cooker and kadhai, he mostly uses earthen utensils.

Currently, his channel has around 500,000 subscribers and each video has at least 70k views, while some have even crossed the three-million mark. Saddique started out with basic equipment and his first video on ‘Stuffed Mooli Parathas’ didn’t even have a voiceover explaining the recipe or the process. But over time his videos have improved and he is seen confidently talking about his recipes.

Saddique shoots and edits his videos by himself but when it comes to cooking, he sometimes asks his mother for help. Also, with time he has become more tech-savvy, and now even uses a drone ‘for aerial photography’.

Talk about making your own luck!