Holi Thandai Recipe: Here’s how to make Bombay to Benares Thandai

Prepared with the flavours of Banarasi thandai and alcohol, this drink is a delight to have, check out the recipe here:

Holi celebrations are incomplete without ‘Thandai’, which is India’s own cold drink and offers instant energy to its drinkers. Prepared from dry fruits, Indian spices, and milk, this drink is also known as the staple drink of Benares (Varanasi). It’s during Holi celebrations and Mahashivratri that the demand of this drink soars high. If you are lucky enough to visit Banaras-the city of Lord Shiva, during these two festivals then do find time to satisfy your quench with this ultimate drink.

However, if it’s not possible for you to visit the city, then you can enjoy the aroma of this drink with a latest fusion known as Bombay to Benares thandai. Prepared with the flavours of Banarasi thandai and alcohol, this drink is a delight to have. Here is the recipe for the same:

Ingredients required:

2 tbsp. Thandai syrup
30 ml. Honey bee brandy
30 ml. Old monk rum
1/2 scoop of Vanilla ice cream
thandai-image-for-inuth1 tsp. Katha (Catechu)


1. Mix brandy, rum, water together and shake well.
2. Now add ice cream and Thandai syrup to this shake and mix them well.
3. Your Bombay to Benares Thandai is ready, now you just need to pour it into the glass and garnish it with Katha.

The festival of Holi is all about fun and Thandai is the drink that adds to that fun factor and brings people into the mood. According to ancestors, in the early days, Thandai was a floral-fruit drink. It was during later years that the concept of Thandai turned into a milk-based drink with lots of cream and dry fruits in it. But in Banaras, there are still some shops in the serpentine lanes of the city which cater to their customers with floral-fruit Thandai as well, one type of fruit each day.