Here's what you should eat according to your blood group

Are you healthy home cooked food and exercising regularly? Is your health a constant cause of your concern? Well, the issue is with the food you eat. Here's what you should eat based on blood type

Have you been eating your food on time– small meals four times a day? Have you been snacking on salads and salmon and munching on everything that will help you score an A+ on your health score card? Have you been exercising regularly? If the answer to all these questions is YES and yet you are feeling lethargic and facing issues with your digestion, then the problem is not in your routine, but in the selection of food items that you eat.

Researches have shown that different blood type process nutrients differently. While certain foods can cause lethargy in some blood types, they can boost immunity and increase energy levels in others. Hence, it is imperative that your diet encompasses food items that suit your blood type. For reference, there are four major blood types– A, B, AB and O.

We spoke with Dr Kamini Sinha, who is a nutritionist, weight loss expert and an oncology dietitian working in Noida’s Manas hospital. According to Dr Sinha, while there’s a connection between different blood groups and diet, what’s of paramount importance is the ‘protein selection and the selection of carbohydrates’. She believes that a right combination of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and other nutrients are required for the body to get proper nutrition and that the ‘right diet depends on the body’s adaptation of proteins and fats’.

Here’s a list of the food items that people with each blood group should eat:

Type A Blood

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Diet for Blood Type A (Photo: Pixabay)

People with blood type A are calm, hard working and detail oriented. They have a sensitive immune system and should mostly stick to a vegetarian diet.
Characteristic traits: Cultivators (performers, mental clarity, vitality and increased longevity)

What to eat: A diet full of green vegetables and fruits. To get protein try cereals, pasta, whole grains, and bread.

What to avoid: Meat and poultry.

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Type B Blood

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Blood Type B diet (Photo: Pixabay)

People with blood type B are deeply passionate about what they do. However, they can come out to be a bit cold due to their inability to cooperate. They have greater ability to adapt to the altitude.
Characteristic traits: Nomads (relaxed and individualistic)

What to eat: A diet full of green vegetables and red meat (except chicken and pork). You can also add dairy products to your diet.

What to avoid: Corn and wheat (due to their inability to metabolize sugar).

Type AB Blood

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Blood Type AB diet (Photo: Pixabay)

People with blood type AB share traits with people who have blood type A and B and are able to digest a variety of food.
Characteristic traits: Enigma (trust worthy and volatile)

What to eat:  Vegetables, seafood, eggs, and dairy products. To get protein try cereals, pasta, whole grains, and bread.

What to avoid: Red meat and alcohol.

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Type O Blood

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Blood Type O diet (Photo: Pixabay)

People with blood type O are descendants from hunter-gatherers who relied on animals for food. Your diet resembles a Paleo diet.
Characteristic traits: Hunter (focused and energetic)

What to eat: Lean meat, poultry, fish, and vegetables.

What to avoid: Grains and dairy products.

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