Cheese with cold drink and 6 other common food combinations you need to stop eating now!

What do you prefer to have for breakfast- bacon with egg or a strawberry smoothie? Well, it might harm your digestive system

The 21st century is the era of awareness and of medical miracles. Discoveries in the field of science and technology have not only increased the longevity of people but also helped in finding a cure to the deadliest diseases like cancer and hepatitis among others.

At a time when medical science is making great advances in cheating death, people around the globe have become increasingly concerned about their health. Working out regularly and eating healthy food has become the instant mantra of staying fit. But we can’t ignore the fact that crash diets, mixing high protein food items, grabbing just about anything on the go have become the way of life. This mixing and matching has created severe problems as people often don’t get the combinations right.

So, here’s a list of food items that you should never eat together:

1. Liquid with meals

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Water with meal (Photo: Pixabay)

One of the worst things that you can do for your digestion is to have any liquid like water or juice with meals or immediately after having a meal. It basically screws up your entire digestive system.
Why: It dilutes digestive juices that break down fats, carbohydrates, and proteins.
What to do instead: Drink as much juice or water 10-15 minutes before and after your meal.

2. Oatmeal with milk or orange juice

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Oats with orange juice (Photo: Pexels)

Time for a quick biology lesson. Our stomach has enzymes which help in digesting the food. However, acids in fruits destroy enzymes that help in digesting cereals, which means having them together is bad news for the stomach.
Why: Acid in orange will turn milk into a heavy mucus like substance.
What to do instead: Have fruits instead.

3. Dairy products with fruits

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Smoothie (Photo: Pixabay)

Making a quick smoothie out of fruits and milk or yogurt might seem the ideal breakfast option in the morning but it’s a terrible idea as it can cause a number of digestive issues.
Why: It can cause congestion of the digestive track and acidity. It can also disrupt the microbiota in our gut and cause cold.
What to do instead: Combine dry fruits with yogurt or milk instead.

4. Fruits with meals

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Fruits with meals (Photo: Pixabay)

Fruits are easier to digest. However, when combined with meals they take longer to digest. They can even ferment in your stomach if they stay in for long.
Why: It will take digestive enzymes longer to digest fruits with meals, which will increase digestion time.
What to do instead: Eat fruits 30-60 minutes before your meal.

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5. Wine with pudding/cake

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Cake and wine (Photo: Flickr)

People with a sweet tooth would understand that the craving to have a dessert like pudding or a piece of cake with a glass of wine is tremendous. But try to resist your temptation at all costs as it is a disaster in making.
Why: It increases blood sugar level and increases insulin production. It also causes weight gain.
What to do instead: Opt for a salty and crunchy delight.

6. Cheese with cold drink

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Junk food (Photo: Pexels)

Our generation lives on junk food. French fries with cheese with a burger and a giant glass of aerated drinks is our go to outing meal. But it wreaks havoc on our digestive system.
Why: It increases blood sugar and caffeine levels and leads to weight gain.
What to do instead: Opt for juice instead.

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7. Eggs with bacon

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Eggs with Bacon (Photo: Pixabay)

Remember what we were taught in school? 2+2=4? Well, the same concept applies here as well. Both eggs and bacon are loaded with protein. Meaning? Double trouble!!
Why: Overloading body with protein makes digestion difficult and causes bloating.
What to do instead: Replace bacon with fresh veggies.

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