Don't skip meals! This is what it does to your body

While our each of our bodies reacts differently on missing meals, the bottom line is always that your body will punish you for starving it

So you woke up late, didn’t have time for breakfast and grabbed a coffee to leave for work again? It often happens that we get so caught up in work that we give our meals a miss. Or some of us think cutting back on meals will help us to not gain extra weight. Well, you couldn’t be more wrong. There are consequences. While each of our bodies reacts differently on missing meals, the bottom line is that you will be punished for not treating it right and providing it with energy. Here are 6 awful things that could happen when you miss your meals regularly.

You are more likely to overeat out of stress

Fast now, binge later. That’s right. When we go without food for longer period of time, our body releases stress hormones and sets us up for overeating. Our body loses the capacity to judge when enough is enough and denying it food only keeps it wanting more.

binge eating

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Your brain slows down

When there isn’t enough sugar in our blood to pull from, our brain starts to lose its capacity to focus or think clearly. Our thoughts become foggy and the mood becomes irritable. So when you can’t concentrate during a class or office, it’s not because of the hunger pangs but rather your brain straight up isn’t at its very best.

Chances of developing life-threatening diseases

Our body needs the energy to function and when it does not get food the blood sugar level takes a dramatic nosedive. If the sugar level is low as compared to a regular basis it could lead to diabetes. One time choice could spiral in a habit that can harm us.

Sugar levels

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Your body starts storing fats

When our body doesn’t get enough food it starts to take charge in order to protect us. It starts thinking that there must be some sort of crisis because of which it is being deprived of energy and so it starts storing fats for later use. This is an automatic defense mechanism of our body and is called the “starvation mode”. Also, your metabolism slows down making it difficult for you to burn off calories.

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You are likely to get bloated

Let’s keep it short and simple to make you understand that chronic starvation leads to chronic constipation. The choice is yours! Eating helps the body to push the waste out of your system and you don’t mess with that sh*t.

You start looking bad

If you deprive your body of food and nutrients, the unfortunate is going to happen. Your hair loses its bounce, your skin loses its glow and you start to look dull. It starts showing physically and we are not talking about weight in this case.

feeling bad

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