Healthy relationship with food is all you need to stay fit!

But don’t ignore what your body says! If you will take decision thinking about yourself instead of society, there will be fewer chances of failures.

Foodies are the best people on this planet. But the worst part of their life is finding themselves in a situation where they have to choose between food and a healthy life. But, is it really required?

Certainly not! Good health can only be a reward, not a punishment. So the path to reach it also has to be rewarding and not painful. To proceed in the direction, all we need to do is ‘change our relationship with the food’.

Here are the easiest ways to embark on this new goal.

Think about self, not society: If you have decided to ditch French fries or chocolate brownies because of the weight gain fear, then first ask yourself whether weight gain really is a problem or not. Your answer will further decide the direction of your decision. Do you really need to be concerned about any person’s opinion on your bulging sides?

Certainly not!

You listen to your body and take a decision to ditch any food only if it makes you feel unhealthy. If French fries or chocolate brownie doesn’t make you feel unhealthy, you don’t need to ditch it.

cake1But don’t ignore what your body says! If you will take decision thinking about yourself instead of society, there will be fewer chances of failures.

Don’t say no, set a reward: The moment we strictly ask ourselves not to do something, we certainly end up doing that. Can’t help you there, it’s human nature! For better results, apply a reward strategy to say goodbye to unhealthy food.

For example, tell a 3-year-old that they can’t have something and watch the tantrum that follows. However, if you tell them that they can have what they want only after they do X, Y or Z, there are usually a fair chance of compliance.


Thus, it’s time to treat ourselves with that chocolate bar or a whole packet of crispy chips only after we start taking a half an hour walk or jogging.

Psychology states that in nine out of 10 times, after performing the task, we just forget about the reward of food as we don’t want to waste the efforts we put in. On the other hand, if we will just keep reminding ourselves to not eat something, we will definitely end up eating it.

So we don’t need to deny ourselves, we just need to treat our food as a reward!

Remember food is not a medicine to stress: For foodies, the solution to a stressful situation can be good food. Psychology states that in a stressful state, looking for comfort is a human nature. Thus, we need to understand that eating is not a stress buster but a way to escape from stress.


Remember! The way you adopted eating as comfort, you can also adopt some other task too.

Life is beautiful, we unnecessarily make it challenging by telling ourselves that it is. Try to find an easier approach to things and see the wonders. Don’t force yourself to stop eating, just bring a change in your relationship with food.

Suggestion: To stay healthy, we don’t need to follow a black or white approach to fitness, it’s better to work with the system that suits you the best and can make things much easier and less confronting as every individual is different and what works for one, may not work for the others.