Ever Heard Of Roath Khabar? This Kashmiri Sweet Bread's Made Only On One Special Occasion

Much has been written and said about Kashmiri cuisine. But the cuisine is more than just roghan josh, kebabs and wazwan. Kashmiris love their bread as much as they are fond of wazwan. Bread is very important part of their cuisine. They have different types of traditional bread including lavaas, chot and katlam. But there is one special type that is just made on one special occasion.

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This special bread is called Roath Khabar. It is a sweet bread which is like a cake, and is baked in traditional tandoor. The bread is topped with dry fruits like raisins, almonds and khus khus. Now if you are thinking what is so special about the bread, then traditionally it was only made to announce the arrival of the new bride. The bread plays a very significant role in wedding rituals. It is said that bride’s parents send a 1-meter long and 2.5-meter wide freshly baked cake to her new home and then it is distributed to her in-laws and also in the neighborhood. And then bride returns to her paternal house with the person who had brought the cake and then the groom is sent to get her back.

But now things have changed. People even take Roath Khabar to each other’s houses when they just go to meet them. Freshly baked roath is distributed around in the neighbourhood when a baby is born.