#DabbaGoals: Meet The Lady Who Made Momos Popular In Delhi

Did you know your favourite momos were once dismissed by Delhiites?

Dolma Tsering moved to Delhi from Tibet in 1990, to start her life over. By 1994, she decided to start her own business and the thing she wanted to sell… were momos. Dismissed at first by Delhiites as ‘raw food’, Dolma’s tasty preparations and her special chutney finally won everyone over.

Her momo stall in Lajpat Nagar is simply titled ‘Dolma Aunty’ and what started as a small venture is now a crowd favourite among the city’s food lovers.

She started with a small stall and sold just three to four plates on the first day of her work, however soon the momos became a go-to evening snack and she’s not looked back ever since. From coaxing people to try this new dish to handling all the language barrier, she made sure that people always came back to her momos.

When we went to meet her, she explained us the difference between the one we usually have and the one she sells. These hand-made momos, are bigger and fuller with thin outer cover than those you usually find on the streets.

Hungry? Head over to Dolma Aunty’s!