#DabbaGoals: Meet The Hyderabad Man Who Feeds To The Underprivileged Daily

47-year-old Hyder Moosvi and his team have been unrelentingly feeding destitute people at night for the past three years

Everyday a large number of poor and homeless people gather under the Dabeerpura bridge in Hyderabad at around 8 pm. They queue up and wait for their turn to get a packet of home-cooked food. Each one of them gets a packet which contains a paper plate, two water pouches, and food.

This has been going on for three years now, with 47-year-old man Hyder Moosvi and his team sincerely running a campaign named Food For Hunger.

“We started food distribution in the year 2015, but at that time we use to distribute eight to ten times in a month. Last year in March, we started distributing food daily at Dabeerpura bridge. People in need come here from various places like Secunderabad, Vijay Nagar, and Kachiguda, stand in line and take food packets,” Hyder told inUth in a telephonic interview.

The cost of putting together each food packet is Rs. 40, and the total monthly expense is Rs. 1.2 lakh. Moosvi is backed by his team as well as sponsors when it comes to expenses. Whenever they are short of funds, Moosvi or one of the members of the team itself pitches money to cover up the shortfall.

Moosvi’s wife prepares most of the food herself. “The food is made by my wife and other ladies who want to help. We take extra care of hygiene while preparing and packing food.” They have around 8 to 10 varieties including dal, chawal, egg biryani, kadhi and tomato rice.