#DabbaGoals: Meet The 75-Year-Old Who Works Two Jobs Everyday

Age is just a number. Right?

Dalbir Singh doesn’t care for the camera. As he expertly folds an omelette on a sizzling pan, he snaps at our overenthusiastic cameraperson. “Please don’t inconvenience my customers,” he says. The briskness never gives way to moment or two of pondering. Dalbir Singh, the 75-year-old who has been manning an omelette stall outside Delhi’s Pragati Maidan metro station  for more than 25 years, is not the sort to mope over things. Life may have been unkind to him, he lost his three sons and wife one after another, but Singh chose to confront it with all he has.

The omelette stall was started by his son in 1992 who unfortunately passed away in 2013. Since then Dalbir Singh has been running the stall. In the afternoon, he repairs cycle and motorcycle punctures, while in the evening from 5 pm – when he sets up a stall – he runs it till 8 pm.

The lone surviving member of his family, Dalbir believes that his faith in God helps him work even at this age. He is known for selling the fluffiest omelettes and mouth-watering half fry.

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We tried his omelette which was for Rs 30 with a portion of 2 eggs with green chillies and onions. He served it with two slices of bread and yes, it is delicious. Also recommended, the half fry which was for Rs 50.

Cost for two: Rs 50
Address: Outside Pragati Maidan Metro Station, Delhi 110001