Chilli To Ginger: 5 Indian Halwas You Might Have Never Even Heard Of

I still remember those days when Saturday nights were all about Besan Ka Halwa and a movie on DD. We used to wait for the weekend to arrive to have this yummy dessert. A bite into the soft and melt-in-mouth halwa, bursting with sweet flavours was enough to make our childhood a tad more special. And occasionally, our expressions used to become even more animated if the surprise dessert was Gajar Ka Halwa!

Little did we know then that halwa is not really an Indian dessert. It actually has Arab and Turkish origins. The Turkish delight made of ground sesame seeds and honey was brought east with the traders and became an instant hit.

Whatever be its source of origin, we just love our comfort dessert. And do you know there are more varieties than just besan/suji/moong dal and gajar? There is a lot more that is left to be discovered. Check out some of them below:

1. Mirchi Ka Halwa
This might sound bizarre and not that exciting, but Mirchi Ka Halwa is very popular in the state of Rajasthan. It is a unique dish which is made using boiled green chilli paste cooked with khoya and semolina.

2. Haldi Ka Halwa
During the winter season, Haldi ka Halwa is quite a treat as it keeps you warm from within and boosts immunity. Prepared using raw turmeric, ghee and gur, it is the perfect amalgamation of taste and health.

3. Ande Ka Halwa
You can definitely turn eggs into an Indian dessert. Try something innovative with a plate of halwa with eggs, cottage cheese, lemon curd, saffron and nuts.

4.  Adrak ka Halwa
You might not be in love with ginger, but how about trying some halwa? Made using grated ginger, milk, sugar and desi ghee, it tastes amazing. You can even add some zaffran and chironji to give it slightly-crunchy texture.

5. Gosht ka Halwa
You must have tried many gosht dishes, but the halwa made out of it is something different altogether. Made of minced meat, the delicacy is one of the lost food gems of Uttar Pradesh’s Rampur.