Burger King To Subway: Stories Behind Your Favourite Fast Food Chains

Do you know, currently, there are 44,702 Subway restaurants worldwide?

What’s your go-to place? You might be in love with McDonald’s fries and KFC’s chicken but have you ever wondered about the story behind these fast food chains?

Burger King

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Opened in 1953 by Keith J Kramer and his uncle-in-law Matthew Burns, Burger King was initially called Insta-Burger. But in 1957, due to some financial difficulty partners decided to sell the company to David Edgerton and James McLamore, who renamed the company ‘Burger King’.

Currently, there are more than 13,000 Burger King restaurants worldwide.


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Two brothers, Tom and James, bought a small pizza business in 1960 which was called DomiNick’s. But as James wanted to continue with his job as a postman, he gave his share to Tom. A few years later, Tom started to expand and buy more pizza places. In 1965, the original owner asked him to change the name so Tom changed it to Domino’s.


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Harland Sanders bought a service station in Korth Corbin, Kentucky. He started serving fried chicken to the drivers. He got successful and soon transformed the forecourt into the first KFC restaurant. There are around 20,000 KFCs worldwide. Also, the original KFC is now a museum with a fully functioning restaurant.


In 1940, two brothers — Richard and Maurice McDonald started a drive-in barbecue restaurant. It was named McDonald’s Bar-B-Q which was later changed to McDonald’s in 1948. There are around 30,000 McDonald’s worldwide.


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In 1965, Fred DeLuca borrowed some money from a family friend, Dr Peter Buck. With the money, he set up a submarine sandwich shop named Pete’s Super Submarines, thinking that it would help fund his medical degree. Despite no profit for the first year, they decided to open another restaurant. When there was again no profit, they opened up the third store and named it Subway. The place soon hit it off, and currently, there are 44,702 Subway restaurants worldwide.


In 1987, Fernando Duarte took his friend Robert Brozin to a takeaway called Chickenland to taste their piri-piri chicken. They liked it so much that they bought the place and renamed it to Nando’s after Fernando’s name. There are more than 1000 Nando’s worldwide right now.