Biryani with potatoes or without it? Non-Indians are battling it out on Twitter

Who do you think won the great battle of biryani with potatoes or without it? Check out the result

The good ol’ biryani fight is back. So, there are three things we have still not settled over — if veg biryani is a thing, which is the better one — Lucknow, Hyderabad or Kolkata, and whether elachi is a biryani ingredient or not. But looks like the debate on ‘perfect biryani‘ has got someone from across the world curious too!

Here’s what happened: 

Stand-up comic, Jeremy McLellan started a poll on Twitter. He asked twitterati a very tricky question to get a clear picture, perhaps. So, his question was – if biryani is better with potatoes or without it.

Even after getting around 14,334 votes, Twitter decided to not keep it the way it is. 50 percent each! Though the competition was pretty close, some people just couldn’t even bear the thought of potatoes in biryani.

And then Asad Umar, a politician and member of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, joined the fight and declared ‘biryani with aloo’ a winner.

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Well, people supporting potatoes in biryani were not any less excited and were trying to convince the ‘other party’ to try this one. A few of them were surprised to know that biryani exists without potatoes.

So, our ‘Biryani extremist’, this is what McLellan calls himself on his Twitter bio, still didn’t get the answer. And the mystery remains unsolved.



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