Believe It Or Not! Butter Chicken And 4 Other Dishes That Taste Better The Next Day

No kidding!

It’s a common notion that food tastes best when it is fresh. But some dishes improve with time. Every time when you reheat these dishes, you get a better taste that lingers in your mouth. Sometimes, a dish made in rich gravy releases its flavours when reheated after a day or two. Here is a list of meals which taste the best when eaten a few days later.

1. Pizza

Leftover pizza makes for tasty breakfast. When you reheat pizza from last night, cheese, sauce, and toppings re-melt into a flavorful mixture. But make sure you don’t burn the slice.

Pizza (Photo: Facebook/Nightsaviour)

2. Biryani

Want to experience magic? Just keep a bowl of biryani in the fridge for a night and reheat it next day. All the herbs and spices relase  overnight and when you reheat, you will get a tantalising experience.

Pakistani Biryani, food

Biryani (Photo: Dreamstime)

3. Butter Chicken

You can keep butter chicken  for maximum period of 2 days in your refrigerator. The dish requires rich gravy made with aromatic spices. And when we keep it for a day and reheat, it releases flavours and gives a creamy and spicy taste.

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butter chicken

Butter Chicken (Photo: Dreamstime)

4. Gajar Ka Halwa

When you eat this scrumptious dessert a day later, after keeping it in  fridge, ghee’s greasiness in halwa doesn’t make you feel full. You will find a different taste along with crunchiness in its taste.

Gajar Ka Halwa

Gajar Ka Halwa (Photo: Dreamstime)

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5. Pie

Waiting to eat pie is really a tough job. But then when we have it right out of the oven, we don’t allow the juices to seep in. However, if you let it rest for a night, juices make the cake softer and tastier

Apple pie

Apple pie (Photo: Dreamstime)