Always Been Asked To Eat Something Sweet Before Leaving The House? Know The Reason Behind This Belief

A myth or not!

Have your mom, dad, grandmother or any other family member ever asked you to eat something sweet before leaving house for something important? So it’s not all dramatic like a movie or Cadbury Dairy Milk’s shubh aarambh advertisement.

It is believed that when you eat something sweet before starting a new job or leaving the house, it brings good luck. But the truth is that in olden days it was eaten as the precaution measures against dipping energy level. The transportation system wasn’t quite developed back then and they were asked to eat something sweet just so that they were full of energy. Sugar and curd always help to maintain energy levels. This also helps to enable good concentration and focus on the work.

Fruit Curd

Fruit Curd (Photo: Dreamstime)

Eating sugar or something sweet before leaving the house also provides energy to the body and prevent weakness, dizziness, and claustrophobia. Also, the possibility is that curd contains calcium and proteins and is easy on the stomach, while sugar gives instant glucose which makes the combination perfect before stepping out. And now in summers, the consumption of curd is must to keep your stomach cool.

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So if you don’t believe that it brings some good luck, eat something sweet anyway before leaving the house to satisfy your sweet tooth and, of course, for energy.