13 food joints in India that have the most hilarious names

Pun-tastic much?

Food is really a serious business and every restaurateur wants their food joint to stand out. And obviously, before the food does the talking for your business, the name has to do its bit, right? Something like the name game? While some are smart enough to nail it and some, well, they try to get pun-tastic and end up with names like –Rockers & Shockers or Dumb Biryani Corner. No kidding, these are actual restaurant names! We don’t know if they were trying to get creative, but these names are sure funny!

If you love food and love being funny, check out some innovative and unusual restaurants that you just can’t find anywhere but in India:

Dolphin Rolls: When rolls are tagged with Dolphin

Dolphin Rolls

Dolphin Rolls (Photo: JustDial Listing)

Badnam Ande Waala: What can we say!

Badnam Ande Waala

Badnam Ande Waala (Photo: Facebook)

Bekarar Chhole: This is a must-visit place. Yes?

Bekarar Chhole

Bekarar Chhole (Photo: Facebook)

Your Second Wife: Food might be your second love, but this…

Your Second Wife

Your Second Wife (Photo: Facebook)

Rockers & Shockers: We really hope the place doesn’t give us much shocks

Rockers and shockers

Rockers and shockers (Photo: Facebook)

Uncle G: Is this inspired by Parle G. We hope not!

uncle g

uncle g (Photo: Facebook)

Between Buns: Well, yeah that’s a place

Sandwitch Centre: Too much witch!

Bhookha Sher: How can you not visit this place?

Naidu Dumb Biryani Corner: Dum goes dumb. Maybe?

naidu dumb biryani (Photo: Quora Thread)

Spanking Soda: Refreshing much. No?

spanking soda (Photo: Quora Thread)

Vagina Tandoori: Ya, okay, ya. No comments!

Vagina Tandoori (Photo: Quora Thread)

Ghamandi Lassi: Going by the reviews, we can say ‘thoda ghamand toh banta hai



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