7 most expensive alcohols in the world. The cheapest one will blow your mind

Drinking alcohol can burn a hole in your pocket and single night out can cost you around Rs 4,000. But would you pay $3.5 million for a bottle of tequila

Come on, come on, turn the radio on, It’s Friday night and I won’t be long…‘ weekend is here and as we approach closer to the end of our work hours, the only thing on our minds is PAARTYYY! And for the millennials party means hitting the bar with a bunch of close friends, having a couple of drinks and dancing to coolest party numbers on the DJ’s playlist.

But there’s a catch. While the ritual might hold good for most people, there are some, who like to keep it simple and classic. To put it simply, some people prefer things that are a class apart, like a bottle of tequila worth $3.5 million (yikes!).

If you love alcohol (as much as we do) (hiccup! hiccup!) serving on the table is a list of seven of costliest alcoholic drinks in the world:

1) Tequila Ley .925

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Tequila Ley (Photo: Facebook)

Let’s be honest, not everyone can have tequila. And for those of you who can, Tequila Ley .925 is made using a special production process and its bottle is studded with 6,400 diamonds.
Price: Rs 22,70,45,350 ($3.5 million)

2) Henri IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac Grande Champagne

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Henri IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac Grande Champagne (Photo: Facebook)

Planning to propose to your girlfriend? What better way to do than with champagne that has been aged for 100 years and served in a bottle dipped in 24-carat gold and sterling platinum that contains 6,500 diamonds?
Price: Rs 12,97,45,000 ($2 million)

3) Diva Vodka

vodka, alcohol, food

Diva Vodka (Photo: Twitter)

The drink gets its name from that fact that it is triple filtered– first through ice, then through Nordic charcoal and finally through sand containing precious stones. To top it off, the bottle is packed with Swarovski crystals. It’s a pricey affair!
Price: Rs 6,48,95,000 ($1 million)

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4) Dalmore 62

alcohol, whiskey, food

Dalmore 62 (Photo: Facebook)

It’s no secret that drinking whiskey can be a pricey affair. Dalmore 62 is the world’s most expensive whiskey and only 12 such bottles have been produced.
Price: Rs 1,39,47,071 ($215,000)

5) Armand de Brignac Midas

champagne, alcohol, food

Armand de Brignac Midas (Photo: Facebook)

Most alcoholic drinks are costly because of the time they are aged for and their special production process. But this one gets its cost from the size of its bottle. This champagne comes in a 30-litre bottle (now you know).
Price: Rs 1,39,47,071 ($215,000)

6) Penfolds Ampoule

food, alcohol, wine

Penfolds Ampoule (Photo: Facebook)

Do you love red wine? Then this one is for you. What makes this bottle of wine special is that it comes in a glass ampoule which holds Penfolds Block 42 Kalimna Cabernet Sauvignon 2004 vintage, which can fill one glass.
Price: Rs 1,10,27,917 ($1,70,000)

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7) Chateau d’Yquem

wine, food, alcohol

Chateau d’Yquem (Photo: Facebook)

France is known for its fine wine and Chateau d’Yquem is the best of the best. It comes from the nation’s Bordeaux region and the last batch was collected in 1811.
Rs 84,33,113 ($1,30,000)

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