7 Food Photography Tips & Tricks To Up Your Instagram Game

Keep clicking.

Clicking food before eating has become a fad. Whether it is for posting on social media or just because you love clicking, in the times we live in, most people begin the meal by first taking some amazing pictures. And believe us, making meals look good in pictures is way harder than making it delicious.

Here’s some tips and tricks so you click better photos at your next outing:

1. Play with the angle
People usually prefer top shot angle when it comes to food photography as it brings out the detailing. However, clicking from a side angle or zooming-in a bit to the food will make it look more tempting.

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2. One source of light
Photographers, usually, use three kinds of light to get the perfect depth, but when it comes to food, one source of light is enough. Make sure you have one large, diffused light source. Place it on the back or side of the subject as it will help you to highlight the texture of the food.

3. Fill the frame
Before holding your phone, take a moment and set the frame. Think how you picture can look even better. Place cutlery, napkins, some more veggies and compose it. This will fill your frame and at the same time, make your picture vibrant.

4. Shoot in natural light
Avoid using phone flash, instead, use natural light as it allows for nuances in a photo. If you find picture burning, use some gauzy curtains to filter the light. Make sure there is no shadowed portion of your dish.

5. Develop your own style
If you are using a certain type/colour plate to click your picture, try and use it for every picture. Or if close-up is your thing, try to click every picture in the same way. This helps in developing your own style and your Instagram feed will look better.

6. Use apps
No, there is nothing wrong in doing that. Use different photo apps to color-correct the pictures. These photo editing apps help in tweaking the brightness, warmth and color saturation of the picture. But make sure, you don’t go overboard with the changes.

7. Keep clicking
If you are serious about it, make sure you click more pictures. You might not click a perfect one in your first 10 or 15 attempts but this will help you learn better. Also, take a dozen of pictures, from different angles of the same dish. Use the one you like most.